Thursday, November 1, 2007

Traveling without your Cairn Terrier

It's lonely to travel without a cairn terrier. Once discussed missing Baxter during business meeting, and a woman pulled small figurine of cairn (pic) out of her purse saying made it happier on the road.

Other ideas:
1. Make cairn your laptop screen saver;
2. Carry picture;
3. Exercise in t-shirt that says "got cairn?" - someone might ask, or talk about;
4. Icebreaker: so what breed of dog does everyone here have?

Recently heard some hotels have "canine ambassadors" - can walk, etc. I completely understand why someone would want to do that.

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blogdog said...

Thanks to the miracle of technology, you can carry photos of your dog in nearly anything nowadays -- including your cell phone, your iPod, and those nifty little photo keychains you can synch with your computer.

We have Bearded Collies here, and we deeply appreciate your posting the lyrics to "God Loves a Terrier." "Best in Show" gets funnier every time we see it.