Saturday, October 27, 2007

No, he's not a Westie

Most common response when walking my cairn: No, he's not a Westie. My additional follow up for public who can't tell difference - Westies (pic) are white, and usually have fuller face.

Westies definitely have advantage in terrier-related items. Friend gave me Westie christmas ornament with my dog's name on it one year. Thought it "close enough". Hmmmm.

Today's dog trivia (from West Highland White Terrier Club of America) - why Westies bred to be so white: "Originally, their coat colors ranged from black to red to cream or white. Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm, of Poltalloch, Argyllshire, Scotland, is generally credited with breeding the white dogs true, although he took none of the credit unto himself. He had kept a pack of light colored working terriers for hunting. As the legend goes, a reddish dog of his, emerging from cover, was mistakenly shot for a fox. Malcolm is said to have decided on the spot to breed only for white dogs that could be readily identified in the field."

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